Alyssa’s History

5 years ago when she had a mission in gathering the truth about what making a hospital in Arklay Mountain closed, she lost her friend, Kurt. She saw him being eaten by a zombie known as Dorothi the administrator’s wife who have infected with T-Virus. This bitter memories force her to erase it.
She then back to the hospital when looking for a way out from the city guided by an old man known as Albert Lester. When she and the other survivor came to the hospital, they are attacked by a man wearing a mask and wielding an axe. Alyssa found a big plant like a bulb in the ICU. Alyssa and the other survivor then killing the plant. Make it throw out a corpse known as Dorothi’s corpse. The building was going to collapse since the plant’s root is the only one which support the building. In the way out from the hospital they meet again with the Axeman. This time Alyssa kills the axeman. They finnaly out of the hospital. The axeman release his mask, he is Albert Lester. He went to the basement where the ICU is located. He found his wife corpse, cradling her and die as the building is collapse.
Alyssa escape and remember with her dead friend Kurt. She then walk away to the forest.


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